About Flight of Passion

Dmitriy was born in 1976, in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine. Right after he left school, he met three old circus performers, Alexander and Valentina Mak, Vladimir and Valentina Mak, and they enticed him to try out for the circus art.
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    Within a couple of months, in November, 1991, he was working in “The Ukrainian State Circus” company with his “Air Trapeze” act. Thus, Dmitriy’s professional circus career began when he was just fifteen.

    Dmitriy’s routine was driven and featured magical feats without a safety harness. Within one year Dmitriy became an “artist of the high category.”

  • In 2000, Dmitry left the circus to launch his solo career. In collaboration with well-known Ukrainian director Nikolay Baranov, he created “Russian memories,” an act featuring aerial solo straps which he performed in leading shows of the Ukrainian and Russian circus with great success. But Dmitriy pushed the envelope still farther when he envisioned and brought to life his “Duo straps” act.


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    Olesya was born in 1977, in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of five she began to participate in sports gymnastics. She devoted herself to professional sports for the next 16 years (1982-1998), reaching high ranks and earning numerous awards, including: “Master of Sports of USSR”, “International Master of Sports”, “Ukrainian National Champion”, “Bronze Medalist of the “Star of the world”” (1992), “World Championships” participant (1994, Dortmund, Germany), “Gold Medalist of the World University Games” (gold medal, 1995 Fukuoka, Japan).

    In 1999 Olesya was invited to perform in an air hoops act  For the Cirque du Soleil show “Quidam”. She performed this act in cities across USA, Europe, and Japan.

    In addition, she participated at the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo (2002), presented “Cirque du Soleil”.

  • In 2003 Dmitriy went to Japan where Alla (wife, sister of Olesia) was performing with Olesia in “Quidam”. Dmitriy suggested that Olesia work on “Duo Straps” together with him. Olesya and Dmitriy began rehearsing “Duo Straps,” and at the end of the tour, on “Quidam’s” amateur “Cabaret Show”,Dmitriy and Olesya first presented their “Duo Straps” act. “Quidam’s” artistic director Pierre Parisien immediately invited the two artists to perform the act for Cirque du Soleil.


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    From June 2004 through the end of 2005, “Duo Straps” was a highlight of “Quidam’s” Asia-Pacific Tour, including performances
    in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong-Kong. In additional Dmitriy performed one of main character role -“Father”.

  • Guy Laliberte, Guide, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of  “Cirque du Soleil” first saw “Duo straps” at a performance of “Quidam” in Singapore.
    Laliberte met the artists after the show, and invited them to perform the act in Cirque’s new, feature show “Corteo”.
    After only one month of rehearsals at Cirque’s International Headquarters in Montreal, “Duo Straps” took a riveting center-stage place in “Corteo’s” 2006 USA tour.


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    We are very proud of our collaboration with “Cirque Du Soleil”,
    and most grateful for the opportunity we were given. We met many talented and wonderful people. It was great experience!
    But the desire to push our careers and perform at circus festivals and famous places around the world did not leave us.
    When our contract ended, we decided to step out on our own.

We are - "Flight of Passion".

  • In June 2007, after a gala event in Kiev, we were pleased to receive an invitation From Mr. Urs Pilz, vice-president of the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, to participate in the 33th International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo, in 2009. This was a dream come true!!!


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    With a huge success “Flight of Passion” present Ukraine on International Circus festival.

    The professional jury and Princess Stéphanie personally, highly evaluated “Flight of Passion”. The highest award for circus art is called the “Golden Clown”, and we were honored to win it. Bathed in this beautiful atmosphere, we were surrounded by incredibly talented artists and excellent organizations.

    Duo “Flight of Passion” is first duo straps in circus art story, which won highest prize in circus art -“Golden Clown”. Mega-thank-you to everyone who believed in and supported us.

  • In additional Alla have an unofficial prix from Princess Stéphanie “Golden Button” for her excellent assisting during performing “Flight of Passion” act.


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    Artists were honored government award from the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, and awarded the title “Honored Artist of Ukraine”.

    What makes “Flight of Passion” unique is that we perform difficult, complicated sequences of aerial maneuvers with no safety apparatus whatsoever. Many sequences were invented by Dmitriy, including “Horizon,” during which the artists execute a “double horizon,”
    and “Double Mouthpiece,” which nobody else has ever tried. The choreography and music are also original.

  • Dmitriy and Olesia worked twice with
    Emmy Award-winning choreographer Debra Brown. World-famous chorography worked with such stars as Madonna,Prince. She was the main choreographer of the first and most successful shows “Cirque du Soleil”.
    She adapting ”Flight of Passion” to be integrated into different shows. Thanks to her imagination and technical excellence, the opportunities for “Flight of Passion” are limitless.


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    Our passionate, exclusive music was composed especially for “Flight of Passion” by Paul Bisson, renowned composer and singer for Cirque Du Soleil and Canadian TV.
    As well as his magnificent vocal, and vocal Marie-Michele Faber, makes this music a magnificent work of art from theirs hearts.
    Many Thanks for you !

  • A style of performance that melds original tricks, music and choreography
    into a passionate aerial dance of sensuality.

    All this gives us an opportunity to performing our “Flight of Passion” act on famous places around the world such us : Cirque Du Soleil, Conelli Christmas Circus ( Zurich,Swiss), Monte-Carlo Cirque Festival, Friedrichstadt-Palast (the largest and most modern show palace in Europe.), Theater Carré (Amsterdam), World Christmas Circus (Stuttgart), Roncalli Christmas show (Tempodrome in Berlin). Palazzo variety ( around Germany), Swiss National Circus “KNIE”, “Royal Palace” International Music Hall (France).

    We are pleased to know that many artists received inspiration from our straps act and aspire to improve aerial gymnastic discipline.


  • ekaterina

    Since October 2012 Dmitriy was performed with Ekaterina Rubtsova.
    (Moscow Nikulin circus). She is third generation of a circus artists. She participated in “festival cirque de demain” in Paris with her trapeze act.
    Thanks to her professionalism and circus work experience from the young ages, She was easy and well integrated to the act. it was a pleasure to work with such a friendly and communicative person as Ekaterina. Currently Ekaterina performing her own aerial act with her husband Dmitriy Efremkin.

  • Since 2016 Dmitriy performing with Anastasia Vashchenko (Russia). From young age Anastasia were in professional sport Acrobatic. She have a title of  “International Master of Sports”.

    Also she was participated in big circuses productions with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (USA). thanks to her professional sportsmanship, she was very well joined to the act.


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